Moved a Joomla site to another server

I had a staging version of my Joomla 1.0.12 site at home on Linux (Fedora Core 6). Once I was ready to go live to the hosted version, I needed to move the complete site to the live servers and I didn’t want to re-enter all the content.

I found this excellent reference – seems deceptively simple, but it is indeed that simple.

I followed these steps:


  1. Copied the web directory for the staging site to another location.
  2. Edited the configuration.php in the copy for the following parameters: $mosConfig_user, $mosConfig_password, $mosConfig_db, $mosConfig_absolute_path, $mosConfig_live_site, $mosConfig_cachepath
  3. Zipped up the copy files
  4. Exported mySQL database for the staging site using phpmyadmin.


  1. Created a database with the parameters specified in step 2 for Staging.
  2. Used phpmyadmin to import the mySQL database contents.
  3. Uploaded the zipped files to the site and unzipped them.

At this point, the live site was up and running.

PS: It would be naive to assume that everything worked the first time. For example, I had to install phpmyadmin in my staging area and there were issues with new user creation in mySQL. I also performed a site move to another area on the same server to figure out the problems I might encounter when moving to the live servers. Once the annoyances were out of the way, it was a pretty smooth move.


One thought on “Moved a Joomla site to another server

  1. hi. while surfing for something else joomla related, i came across this post and thought that i could share something with you regarding setting up a joomla site live.
    This is how i am transferring my locally built templates (using xampp) and then placing the template onto a server for live viewing.
    First, visit here: and download joomlapack for your version of joomla, and also download ‘kickstart’ for the relevant version of joomlapack.
    Now all you need to do is install joomlapack from your admin as per normal, and then you can back up your whole template including files and database with 1 click.
    Transfer kickstart and the compiled backup file to the root of the joomla installation on your server, and when the files are uploaded open kickstart.php in a browser. It will display the backup files listed on the server which at this stage should only be 1 backup file anyway, and then click Start .. follow the rest of the instructions in kickstart and then you are done.
    The whole process is easy and automated and will be done in a jiffy, try it out if you are looking for an easier way to move joomla sites around.

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