[DM_POLICY_E_EXIST_NO_BP_LOG]error: “BP Log (/path_to_dba/log/repo_id/bp/bp_transition_some_id.out) was not created.”

A commonly recommended solution for this error is to clear the dmcl cache on Content Server and bounce it.

However, we recently discovered another cause of this error.

When we changed the lifecycle implementation to Java, lifecycle related actions started failing with this error. Changing the implementation back to Docbasic got rid of the error. The lifecycle implementation can be changed using Documentum Application Builder. However, when you have Java customizations for the lifecycle, you have to use the Java implementation.

It turns out that any kind of execution failure related to state transition can lead to this error message. Even though the initial reaction is to look at permissions or cache, the cause can be anything. In a high availability (HA) configuration it turned out to be a filestore configuration issue and a missing web.xml on one of the method servers.

[UPDATE] In 6.7 SP1, we encountered this error whenever a Docbasic script tried to execute on the method server. In particular, a lifecycle action failed to execute if Use Method Server was selected. It turned our that there were different versions of dfc.jar present on the Content Server host. Once all the dfc.jar instances were replaced by copies of one dfc.jar, the problem went away.


2 thoughts on “DM_POLICY_E_EXIST_NO_BP_LOG

  1. Seems an implementation error in the server-impl.jar.

    In BPCommon class, an IDfSessionManager type variable is defined as static, which is used during an action of lifecycle. But the static variable will be reinitialised by every call.

    I have modified the BPTransition class to use a non static variable of IDfSessionManager, it works. But the solution is not supported by Documentum.

  2. Bonjour,

    Après avoir modifié le timeout de bp transition, cette erreur remonte, que faire étant donné que c’est un check qu’il faut faire, y’a t’il une action réelle à faire ?

    Merci d’avance
    ERROR 2010-04-30 11:14:54,084 [ScdUa]: 0900ed8180324666:doPromote:null – [DM_POLICY_E_ERROR_0010]error: “BP transition script error. Details:Error committing the transaction:

    DfException:: THREAD: main; MSG: [DM_POLICY_E_ERROR_0010]error: “BP transition script error. Details:Error committing the transaction:
    “; ERRORCODE: 100; NEXT: null
    at com.documentum.fc.client.impl.docbase

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