A suitable JVM could not be found!

If you see this error, it has to do with the installer configuration. More likely, you may find this with an uninstaller, particularly when the installed product versions have been mixed up. For example, uninstalling Documentum Web Publisher server files, more likely with the older versions. I say that because there are several EMC support notes about this so we may hope that the newer versions have addressed this issue.

We encountered this with an uninstaller which claimed to be version 5.2.2. The uninstaller just balked with a message, “A suitable JVM could not be found. Please run installer again using the option -is:javahome <JAVA HOME DIR>“. That sounded really helpful, so we tried pointing to 9 JRE’s (one by one, among many more present) embedded at various paths within Documentum products. Nothing worked and we continued to get the same error.

Then we found a support note on the InstallShield support site about this message. Even though it helped us understand the potential cause, it didn’t help fix it.

Research on Powerlink brought forth similar information. The key to making progress was the discovery of the option -is:log. This option enabled us to capture logs of the uninstaller activity.

The first thing we discovered was that the uninstaller was looking for IBM JVM 1.3.1 (yes, that old!) for the specific OS and was unable to locate it.

So we passed the path using -is:javahome and captured the log again. Now we realized that it was appending jre to the path and was unable to locate it. So we massaged the path to match what the uninstaller was expecting and that did it!

Finally, the command looked like the following

./uninstaller.bin -is:log log.txt -is:javahome path_to_parent_of_jre_folder


3 thoughts on “A suitable JVM could not be found!

  1. Hi,

    I too am facing the same problem. Tried your option by putting -is:log, but it doesn’t create the log file in my uninstaller exe directory. What would be location of the created log file? Does every InstallShield uninstaller create this log file or is it specific to documentum uninstaller? I too have too many Java homes and not sure which one I should be using for the uninstaller. Please advise. Thanking you in anticipation,


  2. This issue because of, RAD Profile is not reffering the correct JVM. Please uninstall and install the RAD as a fresh and crete a profile then I will work. RAD installation will take less time compare with the analysis of this issue.#

    Palanisami P

  3. I found the fix for that. It sounds good to me. Please follow the steps

    The reason for this is that the installer version and the jdk version are mismatched with each other.
    so, first ensure is the installer compatible with the JDK that you have set in the JAVA_HOME directory, if not please install the recommended JDK version
    second ensure the installer version is capable of accepting the fixpack version, the one which you aim to install, if not please install the compatible fixpack version.
    Finally, all set well.

    Udaya C

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