Invalid DQL String: SELECT not found

In a 5.3 environment, we encountered this error in customized Simple Search. The customization appeared to be really minor and the exception stack trace didn’t reveal any involvement of custom code.

Google search of this error message revealed two relevant results – both in discussion forums. One pertained to search – it was unanswered. Another was about incorrect use of UPDATE with dm_query. This seemed to be relevant but it was puzzling to understand why the out-of-the-box classes were throwing this exception.

In order to troubleshoot, we focused on the custom search_component.xml. One by one, we removed all customization but the error didn’t go away. The only thing remaining in the XML file was the reference to the component it was extending. So we moved on to the component being extended, and the mystery unraveled pretty quickly.

Right at the top it said – <scope version="5.2.5">. So the customization was implemented in 5.2.5. In 5.3 a new WDK Search implementation was introduced, while the old one was scoped to 5.2.5 only. Altering the custom search_component.xml to point to the search component under searchex fixed the problem.


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