Handy DQL: Find DocApp containing a Type

If several customizations are present in a Documentum repository, it can get tricky to identify where a particular object type comes from. The following DQL can be used to identify the DocApps that contain an object type. Just replace my_object_type with the actual type name below.

select object_name from dm_application
where r_object_id in
(select c.parent_id
from dmr_containment c, dm_app_ref ar, dm_type t
where c.component_id = ar.i_chronicle_id
and ar.application_obj_id = t.r_object_id
and t.name = 'my_object_type')

It is straightforward to modify this DQL to identify containing DocApps for things other than object types.

[UPDATE] The DQL in the original form would only work with DocApps that haven’t been installed more than once in the same repository. The DQL has been corrected by replacing ar.r_object_id with ar.i_chronicle_id.


5 thoughts on “Handy DQL: Find DocApp containing a Type

  1. hi there,
    need some help regarding XML application in documentum.
    I want to import a xml file having as a root node. when I try to do this I am unable to choose the default XML app and I dont want the line to be inserted into the XML.
    how can I proceed further?
    help welcome

  2. I suggest that you post your question on a Documentum forum such as Yahoo documentum users group or dmdeveloper.

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