SivDM – Really Handy Documentum Tool

In addition to DA, IDQL, and IAPI I have used Samson (packaged with Documentum), Delilah, and dqMan as tools for Documentum development and troubleshooting. I really like dqMan and have been using it for a few months now. I even thought of writing a review for it but never got to doing that.

When I saw a post on the Yahoo user group today, I was thinking, “yet another …”. However, it must say something if I started writing this post as soon as I did a cursory interaction with the tool. It’s really handy for analysis as it lets you click and right-click through the results progressively to get to what you are looking for. It also readily helps you look up reference-like information (for example, visual representation of type hierarchy). The ability to test XDQL and generate scripts were things which I didn’t expect at all in this tool!

There is a lot more to this tool (named after the author) – SivDM-Document Manager. Give it a try and I am confident that you will find something in it that you would want to use. Siva, thanks for sharing this with the community.


3 thoughts on “SivDM – Really Handy Documentum Tool

  1. I haven’t actually used repoint so far, but it would be nice to see some comments from those who have. I will try to test that out – I am sure there will be at least some overlap.

  2. Does sivdm work on client 4.3 and docbase 4.3?
    When I try to run the sivdm.bat(sivdm.exe quarentined by norton),the login screen popups.When i hit the login button after entering the details it does nothing.These are no error messages also.
    Could you please help me out with this?


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