NCERT textbooks available online (FREE)

[UPDATE] This link appears easier to use, provided by someone in the comments below –

Indian parents living outside India often think about the local school curriculum in comparison to the Indian curriculum that they themselves studied. While my kid is just preparing to go to the 1st grade, the news about California requiring Algebra in 8th grade prompted me to do some research. I discovered that NCERT (a body that assists the government in implementation of education policies) syllabus has algebra starting in 6th grade.

However, a much more pleasant surprise was that NCERT has made all of its textbooks available online in PDF form! They are in a reasonably navigable form with each chapter available as a separate PDF and a chapter can be opened by clicking through the table of contents. The site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.


60 thoughts on “NCERT textbooks available online (FREE)

  1. I just found the NCERT textbooks free online, too, independently and this blog post was listed later in the same Google search. As the blog author noted that algebra starts in 6th grade in NCERT syllabus but only in 8th grade in California, I would like to note that I found that division & multiplication of fractions & decimals appeared for the first time only in 7th grade in the NCERT syllabus; but my daughter in 6th grade in a California school is already proficient in such calculations.

  2. Can someone please tell me where to get the online textbook (even 1 chapter would do) oh history part 2 [our pasts – III, part 2]


      1. Currently, this site doesn’t seem to have books for all the grades available. Further, they are putting their URL in NCERT PDF’s which is probably a copyright violation.

  3. Surfing these sites means one has to wear out his eyes day n night.I think that the people who r surfing these sites r wasting their time as i was not able to download a single content,i was not able to find it online either

    1. Just click on the link at the start of the post. Then click on the subject under the class/grade. Once you begin seeing links for chapters, you can click on them to open them and then save them to your desktop. Or you can save without opening by right-clicking on the links.

  4. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m Mohd.Aadil khan, i wana to a NCERT book for CPMT. can anybody help me that, how to find it in the Market & which name.If anybody can guide for it Plz tell me soon at my Email. Thans Lot PraG

  5. I have a complain about the change of NCERT Books. Every year the books are changing and becoming less detailed and easy. If this goes on, the students will not get detailed knowledge about the subject. The course covered is just the surface material, there is no deep iformation concerning the topics. What has been taught to the seventh class students is not known to those of ninth. The students have to learn from many reference books to get ample information about the chapters. The coursebooks sound so incomplete. I want to join a good institution in the future, and only the surface knowledge won’t help. I will be very grateful if the authorities make the course detailed.

    1. Airing your concerns is fine but you should be writing this to the NCERT. Posting your comment here does put it on the web but that’s about it.

  6. i dnt wan 2 download d bk jst wan 2 read on d desktop d whole buk n go through each page of histry bk of clas 6th to 12th
    is dis possible??????????
    plz tell………

    1. If you are reading the PDF in the browser the browser will download the PDF in the background. It is probably easier to download and save it since you won’t read the whole book in one go. This way you will download each PDF once.

  7. can anyone please tell me if NCERT are the sole books taught for Maths and science in all schools in India or are there private publishers ?Can a child studying only NCERT texts be good to take all competitive exams or can u suggest some good , popularly refered pvt text book for science from class 8th onwards?

  8. could you send me NCERT all books in Hindi from 6th to 12th grade…Or Is there any special books of NCERT for preparation for teacher exam if there is then could you send me that books also..

  9. I am desparately looking for online CBSE books for grade 1st. I searched prashant’s site and NCERT site, coiuld not find the books. Can any one please help me?
    Thank you.

  10. Hi,

    Can I get the proper book of commerce for second puc a as the book downloaded content is differ from syllabus given in college

  11. Ncert textbook app is available in my mobile I downloaded all but all differ from syllabus sent to college by pue

  12. I can read my book offline while I read in newspaper that we can also read it offline so what will I do I have also pdf reader &adobe acrobat reader also

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