Check in as Same Version?

Webtop lets you check in a document as the same (existing) version. However, when you do this the Content Server never sees a checkin call or event. Webtop simply sets the new file as content, updates any changed attributes, and saves the object. So a dm_save event occurs rather than dm_checkin.

It becomes more obvious if we look at the corresponding API call descriptions.

  • checkin – creates a new version of an object in the repository and removes the lock from the previous version.
  • save – writes the object to the repository without creating a new version of the object.

Both of these methods have an optional argument to retain lock on the resulting object (new version for checkin and existing version for save). This argument defaults to FALSE – the lock is gone after the operation.

So why do we care? Normally we don’t need to. However, if we turn notification on for a document we need to remember this difference between checkin and save. By default, notifications are sent only for checkin event occurrences. So we won’t get a notification if the document was “checked in as same version”.

Similarly, other behavior (such as auditing) tied to events may be affected.


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