UCF Error: ExceptionInInitializerError

One of our Documentum users ran into this exception when doing a simple import via Webtop:

invokeMethod() failed while calling: onOk
An error has occurred when invoking the UCF runtime. Details:

This user had performed imports successfully in the past. Everything else seemed to be in order. After asking around, I got this suggestion which actually fixed the problem. Apparently, UCF keeps stuff in a local folder which sometimes gets corrupted. Deleting (or renaming) this folder causes UCF to reinitialize its “cache”. Look for this folder in a location like C:\Documents and Settings\USERID\Documentum\ucf


3 thoughts on “UCF Error: ExceptionInInitializerError

  1. Sometimes it is also helpfull to refresh the java cache in order to cope with UCF related problems.

    Additionaly in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\USERID\Documentum\Logs you might find some clues as to why the error occured and in the file C:\Documents and Settings\USERID\Documentum\ucf\\shared\config\ucf.client.logging.properties you can define what has to be logged.

    1. In this case, no changes had been made to the JRE. I guess you will need to reconfigure the browser to use the compatible JRE if a new JRE had been installed.

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