TagPoolingEnabledException: Documentum 6.5 WDK Applications

Documentum 6.5 WDK applications require that JSP tag pooling be disabled. The deployment instructions clearly specify how to do it.

I copied the configuration from the PDF to conf/web.xml for Tomcat. On first connection attempt it threw the following exception:

com.documentum.web.form.control.TagPoolingEnabledException: JSP tag pooling is not supported. Please refer to the product deployment guide for instructions on turning off tag pooling for the application server.

On closer inspection of my changes I found that the copy-paste process from PDF somehow lost the dashes (‘-‘) in the XML tags. I fixed the configuration and restarted Tomcat. Still the same problem.

On further scrutiny, I found that the comments in web.xml indicate the following

enablePooling       Determines whether tag handler pooling is enabled. This is a compilation option. It will not alter the behaviour of JSPs that have already been compiled.

Some JSP’s could already have been compiled on the first attempt which were not affected by the new configuration. So I deleted the work folder for da: work/Catalina/localhost/da under Tomcat. That did it and brought up the DA login page.

This is a development configuration on my laptop: Windows XP SP3, DA 6.5 SP2, Tomcat 6,  JRE 1.6, Content Server 6.5 SP2, Oracle

Later on I found this relevant post, which is helpful for some other related configuration as well.

NOTE: I learned it the hard way that Tomcat 6.0.20 service doesn’t start when using -XX:MaxPermSize=512m in the configuration mentioned above.


One thought on “TagPoolingEnabledException: Documentum 6.5 WDK Applications

  1. After I earlier left a comment in https://doquent.wordpress.com/2009/08/06/tagpoolingenabledexception-documentum-6-5-wdk-applications I clicked the – Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and today each time a new feedback is applied during TagPoolingEnabledException: Documentum 6.5 WDK Applications Content Management etc. site, I recieve a couple of electronic mails with the the same feedback. Is there any way it’s possible to remove myself from that program? Thanks alot :)!

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