Orphaned Java Method Server: 6.5 SP2 Windows-Oracle

While deploying DARs using Composer I started running into weird errors. The most common error was DM_SESSION_E_CLIENT_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE. It was showing up across multiple clients.

Coincidentally, I had made a change to a lifecycle around that time and I got misled to believe that the lifecycle change caused the problem. After going down that path for several hours I ended up looking at the JBoss log. It indicated problems related to ports not being available.

So, I shut down all Documentum services and checked the ports. The ports 9080, etc. were still being used. I used netstat to look up the processes listening on ports using this command:
netstat -a -b -n

And I used Process Explorer to get the details by process ID. That confirmed that this particular java.exe was indeed running JBoss.

I killed the process and started the Documentum services again. Everything seems to be back to normal now.


5 thoughts on “Orphaned Java Method Server: 6.5 SP2 Windows-Oracle

  1. I have been always using Process Explorer whenever I wanted to restart Documentum Java Method Server (from D6.5 onwards) either using the Windows Service or the JMS shutdown/startup scripts to ensure that the JMS’s JBoss is completely stopped before starting it again.

    This post reminds me sharing my experience as well.

    This is always useful when the Process Engine, BAM Engine, Process Integrator are also deployed on the JMS’s JBoss instance.

  2. If you installed the developer edition it may be a problem I just encountered. The Documentum master service initializes the containers in the wrong order on a restart – starting either BAM or possibly ACS first then the method server. If this occurs 9080 is blocked. stop the master service (which stops everything) then manually restart the docbrokder, docbase THEN run the startmethodsvr.cmd in the jboss server directory. Then you can start the master service
    a pain but it solved my problem.

    I am curious to see if you see similar results as I am trying to run this down.

      1. I use the actual Content Server edition on Windows 2003 server. It never happened for me to restart the docbroker or the docbase/repository as mentioned by Lee Dallas. I always stop the JMS service and then wait for some time checking through Process Explorer that the JMS is completely stopped, start the service again.

  3. When you use the windows service to stop Jboss, it does not stop the service. It just sends a stop notification and the service starts stopping.
    If you restart the windows service before the service has completely stopped you will see these errors.
    Your best bet is to use the bat scripts provided to start and stop the Method Server so that you know visually if it is stopped,
    or do as netstat your way to see if the ports are open or not.
    Easier still, if you know the memory assigned to Jboss (using xargs) it is very easy to spot the java process in task manager.

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