Webtop 6.5 SP2 User (mis)Guide: Versions

Webtop 6.5 SP2 User Guide describes versions as shown in the attached screenshot of page 34 below. In an apparent attempt to simplify the concepts it errs on the side of inaccuracy. The concerns are described and corrected below the image.

Description of Versions in Webtop 6.5 SP2 User Guide
Description of Versions in Webtop 6.5 SP2 User Guide
  1. The version labels for Documentum objects are strings and not decimal numbers. They are strings even for the implicit version labels (automatically assigned by Content Server using a number-based format), some of which may be considered to be decimal numbers (1.2, 3.4, etc.). But the comparison ends right there. For example, is not a decimal number but a valid version number. Decimal numbers don’t have multiple decimal points. “Increasing version number by a tenth” is also inaccurate because increasing the decimal number 1.9 by a tenth should give you 2.0 but a minor increment of the version number 1.9 gives you 1.10 as the new version. Further, 1.1 and 1.10 would be identical as decimal numbers but duplicate version numbers are not allowed in a version tree. Particularly, these last two points make the decimal analogy egregious.
  2. This version label should be since a branch is created by appending .1.0 to the parent version. There are always odd number of dots or points (not decimal points) in an implicit version label, so 5.0.1 is not even a valid implicit version number.

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