Lingo, the Unstoppable VOIP Service!

Unstoppable, as in I can’t terminate or cancel it! Even after I have moved my phone number to another provider.

I transferred my number to Vonage because I was able to get unlimited calling to 60 countries, including US and India for about $20/month before taxes and fees. It took some time to process and finally my phone number transfer was complete. A month later, I saw a charge on my credit card statement from Lingo. I checked my online account and sure enough there was another invoice for the next month of service for the phone number which Lingo wasn’t servicing any more!

So, I called their Customer Care number. The option of talking to someone put me into a voicemail system right away, no matter how many times I called. I did leave a message about the situation but no one called back.

I also wrote an email to Customer Care. The response I received told me to make a phone call for cancellation and told me to use option 6. I couldn’t recall such an option from my calls. This time I waited to hear all the options. Sure enough, there was an option 6 but it was announced out of order, as the last option. I chose option 6. And I was treated with cheerful hold music. After uplifting my mood for about 5 minutes, I figured that there was no point wasting my time any more.

I had already done what was needed after talking to a friend of mine who had gone through the same nightmare. The only way to stop Lingo service was to call my credit card company, dispute the charge, and stop future payments to Lingo.

[UPDATE] It keeps getting better. Finally, Amex figured out how to block payments to Lingo on second attempt. Then I received a letter from Lingo regarding Credit Card Charge Failure. It says, “Please respond to ensure continued uninterrupted service.” What service? My phone number has been with Vonage now for almost 3 months. I would surely appreciate an interruption to the harassment, if that is what they mean by service. Of course, they also threaten to report disconnected unpaid accounts to NTDE and NCTDE.

[UPDATE] They just want to keep on harassing. They were not responding when I wanted to cancel. Once the payments stopped the number of phone calls and emails have increased. I have finally decided to file a complaint with FCC. If you are also a Lingo victim, I encourage you to do the same.

[UPDATE] Finally, I have received a cancellation email from Lingo. And it says, “hope to have you as a customer in the future”! Fat chance!


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