Oracle Listener Problems on XP

In a development environment, I have been running Oracle on Windows XP SP3. This database is used for a Documentum 6.5 SP2 repository. For some reason, the Oracle listener service started failing. It would stop as soon as it was started and there were no logs being generated. Starting the listener from command line would give generic errors.

I was suspecting a recent password change to be the cause. I had updated the Documentum services with the new password but the Oracle services were using the Local System account – so that wasn’t an issue. I was wondering if the password was stored somewhere and was being used internally.

After trying various things, the following two actions resumed normalcy:

  1. Turned off the firewall. The firewall has been around for a while but apparently it created some rules that were interfering with the service.
  2. I restored listener.ora and tnsnames.ora from the bak folder under network/ADMIN.

[UPDATE] I cleaned up the existing firewall rules and placed it in learning mode and that allowed Oracle and Documentum to start up fine.


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