Changing Permissions: Error in Documentum CS 6.5 Fundamentals

I discovered another erroneous statement in Documentum Content Server 6.5 Fundamentals. This one relates to changing permissions on an object and occurs on Page 189. The statement in question is highlighted below.

Erroneous statement on Page 189
Erroneous statement on Page 189 of CS Fundamentals

It states that at least WRITE permission is required to replace the ACL assigned to an object.

The fact is that the ACL cannot be replaced without Change Permission extended permission. Further, BROWSE is sufficient among basic permissions and WRITE is not needed for this purpose. We cannot do much to an object without BROWSE permission so that’s the minimum needed. Of course, basic permissions higher than BROWSE (i.e. READ, RELATE, VERSION, WRITE, DELETE) will also work because they imply BROWSE permission.

It is pretty easy to verify with Webtop. Make sure that the effective permissions – labeled as Your Permissions, on the Permissions properties tab indicate BROWSE and Change Permission and you will be able to select a different ACL and save the object.

Therefore the correct statement should be: Replacing the ACL assigned to an object requires BROWSE permission and Change Permission extended permission on the object.


6 thoughts on “Changing Permissions: Error in Documentum CS 6.5 Fundamentals

  1. It looks like this error is also in the 6.0 version of the document. The section about replacing an ACL will not appear in the 6.6 version of the Content Server Fundamentals Guide. We’ve been moving some content around since the 6.5 release, so you should find it in the EMC Documentum Administrator User Guide.

  2. Thank you for posting these corrections and clarifications. I’m just curious if you only posted them here or if you also filed a bug report via EMC’s support link. I have longed for an easier way to get corrections and clarifications on EMC documentation for years. A former EMC employee was advocating to turn the documentation into a Wiki. While I can understand the challenges behind this and why EMC may not want to do this. I hope EMC can find a middle ground that would make it MUCH easier to get questions and clarifications to the correct team/group/author of their documentation besides the onerous task of filling a support ticket. I guess having a fairly popular blog about Documentum is another way to do it. 🙂 Thanks again and please post more as you find them!

    1. No, I haven’t filed a documentation bug. It seems that posting here is working – look at the other comment. (Someone at) EMC is indicating that these corrections will be made in 6.6 documentation.

  3. I suspect this is a holdover from the pre-extended permission days (either 3.x or 4.x, I can’t recall). Glad to see someone is reading here to get these types of issues fixed. EMC needs all the help with its documentation that it can get. FWIW, it seems to have gotten a bit better than it was in the pre-EMC days.

    1. I do agree that it has improved over time. Information is now available through Powerlink, developer edition download, white papers, other content available at ECN, and even video clips on YouTube! But we do need to watch for accuracy.

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