Composer Project Install History (D6.5)

Recently, I got curious about the mapping for Documentum project artifacts to repository objects. While this post shed some light on the subject, I wanted to see it for myself. Another driver was that I had not done a DAR install, rather I had installed the project from Composer. Here is what I found.

There is a dmc_dar object, named the same as the Composer project. It is versioned with each repeated install of the same project to the repository. The content type of the object shows up as jar but in reality it is an XML file. When I tried to open it as an archive it indicated that the file was corrupt. I was able to view the XML by opening it in an editor. It showed the resolution map for artifacts to object IDs.

One thing I suspect based on the referenced post above is that if I installed a DAR then the DAR file will show up as the jar content (correctly). I will have to explicitly get to page 1 of the content to view the XML.


3 thoughts on “Composer Project Install History (D6.5)

  1. Hi Paul ,

    We facing an obstacle when Dar installer hanging when versioning the dmc_dar object which is same as composer project , please let us know if know what’s happening during that process .


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