DLINK DIR-655 (A3) Firmware Upgrade: 1.21 to 1.34NA

I have the DIR-655 router (hardware version A3) and it has had firmware version 1.21 for a while. I resisted upgrading it to 1.3x versions because of the warning that version downgrade to 1.2x was not allowed from those versions. Further, I had read reports of issues faced by people and recommendations for staying at 1.2x if there were no problems.

Recently, I started encountering network issues which were more like annoyances than real issues. I did a little bit of research and then decided to try a firmware upgrade on the router. I backed up the router configuration and upgraded the firmware to 1.34NA using the file name DIR655A4_FW134NAb03.bin. The A4 in the name made me hesitate a bit since my hardware version is A3. However, I could not find any information regarding the hardware version differences with regard to this firmware version. The upgrade seemed to go fine and I reset it to factory defaults using the admin application, as recommended. However, I was unable to reload the backed up configuration as it was being considered as corrupted. So I went ahead and repeated the configuration manually.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of upgrade and the improved features and performance. I haven’t tried all the new features yet but I browsed through and liked what I saw. Since I have seen so many horror stories in this regard I wanted to share this experience for those who may be considering a similar upgrade.

[UPDATE] Today, the wireless functionality suddenly started giving problems. Incidentally, I was messing with firewall settings on a Linux box just before that. I couldn’t see a relation between the two. I restored the settings to factory defaults and edited settings manually but continued to face problems. Then I recalled reading about disabling DNS relay for the 1.3x firmware somewhere. I unchecked Enable DNS Relay on Setup > Network Settings and that resolved my problems.


7 thoughts on “DLINK DIR-655 (A3) Firmware Upgrade: 1.21 to 1.34NA

  1. How did you get that firmware to stay? I have tried it and it will not take on my router. I backup my configuration, upload the firmware and after the reboot, it still says 1.32 as my firmware. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Matthew,

      I’ve read that you should first restore factory settings and then upgrade the firmware. Give that a try. Hopefully the update takes

  2. I am trying to upgrade from 1.32, so that maybe why. I may need to talk to D-Link tech support. My router is acting wierd so I thought I would try to upgrade the firmware to see if that fixed it.

  3. The power adaptor for the DIR 655 is a total disaster.
    They cant deliver enough with Ampere under heavy load.
    Typically the router starts to reboot when you use bittorrent or wifi.
    Buy a separate power adaptor and you will be put out of your missery.
    I know. I have owned 3 of these routers and my problems stopped when i bought separate power adaptors.

    1. Agreed. The power adapters are a culprit on a number of issues on this device. I replaced the power adapter with a name brand generic version after reading of issues others had. Best $15 bucks I have spent in some time. I have been using this for almost 5 years (2008-2013), and seen others use it with similar results.

      Today I have a DIR-655 (firmware 1.32NA) that I have over 30 devices using as I write this post. Three of those devices are big screen SMART LCD TV’s. We stream Netflix, Amazon, and play online games all the time on the DIR-655. I also have a guest network running for when friends visit. So, I am getting a LOT out of this router.

      The only issue is a once or twice a week “freezing” where someone in the house has to reset the router.

      Stellar device. If all consumer electronic devices where this good and lasted this long…

      1. Fred,

        Could you please point me to the adapter you purchased? I have been facing frequent network issues at certain times while it is quite stable at others.


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