Unlimited Vonage Minutes = 3,000

The Vonage World plan includes unlimited international calling to 60 countries. Except that these unlimited minutes really mean 3000 international outbound minutes. And no one at Vonage will volunteer this information to you unless you ask or you happen to exceed this number.

You may be asking, “Is this present anywhere in the terms of service?” Well, the number 3,000 isn’t but the reasoning behind it is. Vonage’s explanation is that most subscribers of this plan (which is for residential use) use about 1,500 minutes or fewer per month on international outbound minutes. So 3,000 is a good threshold to suspect abuse of the plan for business purposes. I would agree with the reasoning but I’d be tracking my usage if I knew that there was a limit on minutes.

The way I learned about the limit was that I had family visiting from abroad and they had plenty of time at hand to be calling family and friends at home. Vonage would not take this into account even when I told them of the situation and the duration for which the usage might be high. So I added another line to my existing adapter as this was still one of the cheapest options, given that no contracts are required anymore. When adding the line, I insisted to know the limit from the sales rep. He first said that there was no limit but the second time he sheepishly mentioned 3,000. He apologized when I asked why he hadn’t volunteered that information the first time.

Just to complete the details, you may exceed the limit by 20% twice and the third time (within one year) your plan may be switched to business plan or you can give up the service. You may exceed the limit by 50% only once in a year before the same options apply.

One last thought before we start demonizing Vonage. Going by the posts on the web, I think that Lingo also has a similar policy. The nightmare with Lingo is that it is next to impossible to close your account with them and they will keep sending you bills even if you transfer your number to another service. I am not familiar with plans from other VOIP providers but I suspect that they might have similar policies.

I just wish that Vonage could be more honest and transparent up front. Their plans would still be some of the best and the transparency would earn loyalty of subscribers like me.

Finally, I don’t represent Vonage so Vonage may refute any or all of the above information. Everything mentioned above is based on my own experience.


3 thoughts on “Unlimited Vonage Minutes = 3,000

  1. At 3000 minutes for around $30 per month (after taxes) its still a good deal, the cheapest reliable comparable rate is 1.5c per min from localphone.com. The rate is better with the annual pre-pay plan, which comes to around $300 for me in CA (effectively bringing the rate to $25 per month).. but I agree that 3,000 min is rather small when you have family abroad – its only effectively around 1.5 hrs a day..

  2. We are having a similar issue as my wife likes to have long chats with her family in Peru. The misleading advertising is very disturbing. Yes it is a good deal, just not as good a deal as they imply.

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