Restoring Tomcat6 after Fedora 14 upgrade

FedoraI had Alfresco 3.2r2 deployed in tomcat6 on Fedora 12 64-bit Linux. As it has become so easy to upgrade Fedora now, I decided to upgrade to Fedora 14. I backed up the data directory and the Alfresco webapp directory (because it had customized configuration), and then started the upgrade using preupgrade. It downloads everything that is needed for the upgrade, and the system remains available during this period. The upgrade starts on the next reboot.

The upgrade completed without any problems. However, the tomcat6 service won’t start up. There seemed to be multiple issues, such as the conf directory being empty. Updating tomcat6 using yum didn’t do much. So I removed and reinstalled tomcat6 as follows:
yum remove tomcat6
yum install tomcat6

That restored the conf folder but now I ran into class-not-found exceptions. It turned out that the Tomcat jars were present in a location different from the expected one. On further research, I discovered that the complete tomcat6 deployment consisted of several packages (tomcat6-lib, etc.), and the installed packages couldn’t be relied upon even though yum believed that they were installed/configured properly.

I decided to remove the tomcat6* packages using yum remove for each package listed by
yum list tomcat6*.

Then I installed tomcat6, which also installed the packages that it required. Tomcat6 was up and running in the first attempt after that. Alfresco also came up without any problem after I restored its webapp folder.


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