Upgrading to Fedora 16

Recently, I tried upgrading to Fedora 16 from Fedora 14 on an x86 64-bit platform. I like using preupgrade as I had a great experience with it the last time. However, it appeared to hang late in the game (the screen would be left messed up or blank) when it was time to actually start the installation. After several attempts, I decided to upgrade to Fedora 15 to see if there was any difference. Everything went fine, and I was on Fedora 15 without any problems.

I tried going from Fedora 15 to Fedora 16, and the result was the same. I even tried using the installation DVD instead of preupgrade, but nothing changed. After some research, I was able to solve my problem. I made two changes, which helped me succeed. On the screen that shows the following options:

  • Installation or Upgrade
  • Troubleshooting

I hit the tab with the first option selected. It showed the options being used. I removed quiet and added nomodeset. Removing quiet helped me see what was going on and where exactly it was failing. Adding nomodeset actually fixed my problem. It is a known problem with Fedora 16 that for some hardware it fails when trying to change display resolution. Using nomodeset avoided any fancy display settings.


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