Owner Minimum Permissions Feature Doesn’t Work in D6.6

Documentum Content Server version 6.6 introduced a new feature, “Owner Minimum Permissions”, which allows the minimum permissions for owners to be set across the repository. These permissions would override any ACL based calculations – no ACL could reduce the effective owner permissions to be more restrictive than  the ones set up in this configuration. Note that version 5.3 also has a similar behavior except that the owner minimum permissions are fixed (not configurable) – READ and all extended permissions other than EXTENDED DELETE.

It has been confirmed that this feature does not work as expected in version 6.6. At least for one operating system and database combination, these settings have no effect and the behavior is identical to 5.3. It is quite likely that this problem is not restricted to this one environment configuration.


Is Punctuation a Virtue?

Maybe not, if you use a comma or an apostrophe in a string argument to API calls through DFC.

This happened in DFC 5.3 SP2 environment in a call to the queue() method on a workflow item. The user name argument had a comma since the name was in the last name, first name format. Apparently, under the hood, an API call string is created and the string argument is not quoted. As a result, the name is split into two arguments and the following arguments all get shifted by one. This results in a type mismatch on certain arguments and an exception is thrown. The BAD DATE exception is a common symptom of this situation. Note that this problem has been fixed in DFC 5.3 SP3.

The research on Powerlink showed that this is a more common problem and can occur with any API call (as a support note explains). It is not clear if the problem has been fixed for all API calls in DFC 5.3 SP3.

The workaround for the problem is to enclose string arguments in single quotes, as in ‘last name, first name’. An apostrophe in the argument should be escaped with another, as in ‘O”Hare, Chicago’.