Can’t set WPA-PSK on DI-524 D-Link Router?

[UPDATE] It is reported to work in Google Chrome. Thanks to the person who provided this feedback in comments.

[UPDATE] Without getting into much more detail about the reasons, please try using Internet Explorer and it will probably work. If you are keen on understanding why it fails, you can read on below. The gist is that there is a problem with the code that IE ignores. Thanks to the people who provided this feedback in comments. [UPDATE] It seems that IE8 has gotten better with standards. If you are using IE8 then you may have to use the solution described below. [UPDATE] It does not work with IE for Mac. [UPDATE] My edited page can no longer be downloaded. I am not sure if this is an issue with WordPress or elsewhere. You may still follow the directions in the post to do it yourself.

I have the D-Link DI-524 wireless router at home and it has worked wonderfully for me. I used to use MAC filters to block intruders from my network. Recently, I got tired of keeping the MAC list and decided to switch to using encryption. After doing a quick comparison, I decided to go with WPA-PSK. This is when I ran into an interesting roadblock. When I chose WPA-PSK, provided the passphrase, and clicked on the Apply button nothing would happen. Clearly, the form wasn’t being submitted. So did a View Source on the page and tracked down what was happening. For WPA-PSK, it was calling a Javascript function to do a check on the key (passphrase) before submitting the form. Within this precheck_key function it was calling another function that didn’t exist! So there it was, a pre-check that would never succeed and the form won’t submit. So what do you do? Actually, the resolution is not that difficult. Save the page locally as an HTML page. Edit the page to do the following:

  1. Comment out the call to the non-existing function. Replace it with return true; as followsfunction precheck_key(){ var auth = get_by_id("auth"); if(auth.selectedIndex == 0){ return true; } else { //COMMENT OUT: return check_key(); AND ADD THE FOLLOWING LINE return true; } }
  2. My router’s IP is, so I prefixed to the form’s action attribute and to the Javascript file being included. You can do it to the img tags’ src attribute as well, though that is not critical. You just need to remember the position of the Apply button so that you can click on it.<script language="JavaScript" src=""></script>and<form method=post action="" name="form1" id="form1">
  3. Save the changes.

That’s pretty much it. Load the HTML file in a browser. The Javascript would interact with the router to show the current settings. You can now select WPA-PSK, supply the passphrase, and click on Apply. This problem may apply to the other encryption settings as well, but the fix remains the same. If you use Firefox, you can use the Firebug add-on to edit the page in the browser and make the change (only Step 1 needed). You don’t need to save the file, edit, and run in three steps. By the way, I also did a firmware upgrade to see if they have fixed it in a newer version but the problem exists in version 1.23 as well. UPDATE: [UPDATE] For some reason, the following download link doesn’t work anymore. It looks like WordPress or something else replaces the contents of the file with a dangerous content message. You should still be follow the directions above to fix the problem. On popular request I am posting My Edited Wireless Page (Right-click > Save Link As). This is an HTML file but named as PDF for technical reasons. If you want to try it, save as or rename as h_wireless.html on your local drive (Note that left-clicking on the link may try to open it in a PDF Viewing application and that will fail). Absolutely no liability can be assumed for using this file – you may use it only at your own risk. Before you can use this file you may need to edit this file if your router IP is not If so, open this file in a text editor, search and replace with the IP address of your router and save the file. Now log into your router (for example, by going to in a browser). Then open this file in the same browser window. Change the wireless security and click on Apply. That should be it!


124 thoughts on “Can’t set WPA-PSK on DI-524 D-Link Router?

  1. Bravo man – bravo! You’re the only person on the Internet as far as I can tell who’s figured this out. I never had this problem with my revision A 524 and I just upgraded the firmware tonight to 1.23 and this problem came up. It was driving me nuts. I was about to toss the router.

    Great work figuring this out, seriously.

  2. You my friend are a genius!
    All I wanted to do was change my passkey but I only managed to disable all security on my router…
    I tried from a windows, mac and linux box before realizing that it was beyond me. Hitting the enter key really hard didn’t work either.
    Thanks for this post, it saved me from the darkside.
    The firmware v1.23 didn’t help me either.

  3. Thanks for the file and the post. Seems like a glaring oversight by D-link. I imagine your page will get a nice boost in hits for finding the answer to this!

  4. I actually didn’t call their support. Seeing the number of hits for this post though I believe that someone must have. In general, I have found tech support to be designed for non-technical folks – they usually end up testing my patience. So I try to fix things myself first. In this case, it worked so I didn’t spend the time to call them – rather I spent that time to write up this post.

  5. What a relief…this was starting to bug me immensely as I’m trying to re-work my network specifics. I didn’t dream I’d find the answer so quickly and succinctly. Thank you!

  6. Turns out this works fine in IE on windows, and, oddly, Camino on my mac.

    However, my DI-524 is rebooting about every 10-20 minutes using WPA-PSK. . . I switched to G-only mode, and still have the problem. I’m about to downgrade to WEP or buy a new router. Sigh.

  7. Thanks for going through the effort to post a fix for whatever lovely folks at d-link didn’t bother to properly QA their code. Since this unit is EOL (and my linksys just snuffed it, this was my spare), I was going round the bend.

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for this! I had to replace my router with this DI-524, and I was getting frustrated with the problems it has with wireless security.

    Your solution worked like a charm ;).

  9. how do i edit the lines in firebug? i find the line i need to edit, but that is under the inspect button. once i click edit it takes me to something else.

  10. i tried downloading and using your settings, and that worked, but the network ran extremely slow, 1mbps, so it was worthless. i also saw that there was a lot of junk in there for, and other stuff, maybe that was causing the problem, because you also had a lot of personal settings.

  11. It seems that there is a misunderstanding.

    The file shared here is a simple form for setting the WPA security. There are no personal settings on that page. For example, open the downloaded file in notepad and search for “” and you won’t find it there.

    Once you click anywhere on that page, everything you get is coming from your router. So all the “personal settings” that you saw were actually coming from your router.

  12. -When you say “save the page locally,” does that mean you can save it anywhere on the C drive? Can I save it on the desktop, for instance?

  13. I just bought the router and noticed the bug. It was the last item that was in stock at Media Markt (Holland), price 25 euro.

    It’s a serious thing as the firmware dates already from a while ago, and so does D-link ignore the quality of their products.

    However, another option to set the WPA-PSK key is to use the wizzard which is included on the installation cd that comes with the product.



  14. I have tested the router, but its quality is not as good as I expected. Its radio signal is weak, it even doesn’t maintain the 54Mb if it’s just a meter away from my wifi usb stick.

    Another problem is that it doesn’t allow me to use my NDAS external harddisk. It just doesn’t appear on my laptop, while via the network it work.

    for sale again…

  15. Excellent work, my friend. It’s a shame Dlink has discontinued this product therefore this issue will most likely never be officially fixed.

    Again, great work
    Thanks a lot.

  16. I LOVE YOU DOQUENT! I’ve spent a couple days dealing with this, reluctant to mail it in for replacement. It’s been driving me nuts. You saved me money on shipping and the inconvenience of being without wireless – oh yeah, and my sanity too!

  17. Thanks, I have yet to try it on mine. I’m wondering if this problem shows up in other revisions of the router (mine is Rev C I think). I’ve been having trouble with WPA-PSK security though, every 10-20 minutes my wireless clients cannot connect to the router or each other for about 1-2 minutes. I’ll be trying a firmware upgrade tomorrow (3.02 to 3.23). Thanks again!

  18. I COULD KISS YOU! This was driving me Nuts. I ended up just using Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox as someone else suggested. Thanks for the post man.

  19. Thank you so much!!! I was about to throw my darn router out the window.. thank goodness for people that know more about computers than me. Thanks a million!

    1. yes, thank you so saying IE, i was trying in Google Chrome…I’m not an expert by any means with all this stuff, but can find & follow directions quite easily. I didn’t know why it wasn’t working, LOL was almost ready to huck the damn router out the window

  20. Jamal,

    Thanks for the suggestion. If it does work with IE that may save a lot of trouble for the folks encountering this issue.

    To be honest, I am not sure if I specifically tried IE, but I can verify that later for my hardware/firmware combination. If it does work with IE, that may pose a curious question about the IE Javascript engine – that means IE would assume true as the result from a call to a non-existent function!

  21. Thanks so much! This was driving me crazy too. What a simple fix to use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox. DLink should sent you a reward!

  22. Nicely done. I was about to email Dlink tech support until I found your post. It’s nice to see people catching the error of a major company and posting a fix before the company (Dlink has yet to update this problem in two years).

  23. Thanks! Worked perfectly. Wish I would have kept reading to see you had the file ready for download instead of save, search, replace!

  24. Thought I was home free when the firmware upgrade worked from Ubuntu 8.04 and Firefox. Then the WPA-PSK wouldn’t set. Thanks so much for documenting the fix. It worked great!

  25. I was getting a 404 error for the upgrade.cgi file when trying to apply the Firmware update. Ended up here, read your update, and figured I’d try IE (versus Chrome). Worked great. Perhaps it’s best to just default to IE when administrating this router. Thanks for the post.

  26. Thumbs UP! The post date was dec 17’07; and today it is Jan 11’09 – your cross platform + cross browser solution lives on…. Bravo!

    Two sets of morons: IE JS team @ MS & DI 524 team @ DLink. And the end user suffers!!

  27. Thanks for the help! ( Never expected to find an answer this quickly ).
    Just to let you know, although I’m a complete no hoper with Techy stuff, I seem to have been having this exact problem, but if it is the same I fixed it in a much simpler way :-
    I was attempting your fix without much success (My fault, not yours, I didn’t understand most of the instructions) 🙂 when I noticed a google pop-up notification flash up on the mouse pointer every time the router tried to restart (Opening a new blank window). I selected always allow pop ups from the google tool bar for the routers ip address re-tried it and BINGO! I have WPA/PSK security again.
    ‘course, it’s probably because I had a much simpler problem! 😉

  28. any word from d-link on patching this or a firmware update or something to fix this problem? can’t believe they let something like this slip by and still haven’t done anything to fix it…

  29. I’d been breaking my head over this all morning! I could tell the form wasn’t being submitted but didn’t know how to fix it. Thank you so very much!

  30. Wow, I felt like I was crazy when I could never submit the form to change to WPA. I had assumed my DI-524 was a rare lemon, or it had gone bad due to age. Many thanks for letting saving me the cost of buying a new router! You should add a PayPal Donation button on this page. Seriously!

    And shame on D-Link for never addressing this problem with new firmware, or at least a company support page dedicated to a workaround (such as this page).

  31. I’m trying to switch from WPA-PSK to WEP since the router likes to randomly reboot a lot. I downloaded the file you provided (thanks!) but when I switch the WEP encryption from 64 to 128, it reloads the page from the router, thus making the submit button worthless again.

    Any ideas?

    1. Yes, it’s not that difficult. As noted above, you could use IE and it should work without any changes. If you absolutely won’t use IE, then do this. When the page reloads from router for 128 bits save it as on your PC and follow the instructions listed in the post above. It’s the same set of changes, just performed for a different page.

  32. Oops, just have tried a few more things before commenting. Using the router admin page, I changed the setting to WEP/128, viewed the source and then made the modifications you suggested on a local copy of the HTML.

    That worked!

  33. I’ve been having problems trying to set up the passwords on my di 524. everytime i try to save the settings it will automatically reset to default; for administrator password and for WPA settings. Could you help me?

    1. I haven’t run into the password change issue. However, try using Internet Explorer for this purpose and hopefully both of your issues will be resolved. If that doesn’t work you could try upgrading the firmware.

  34. Your ‘My Edited Wireless page’ doesn’t seem to work for me. After saving it in .html and opening it in notepad, theres a message in notepad which says ‘The content of this file is dangerous’.
    Could you help me?

    1. You could try one of two things: 1. Just use Internet Explorer for router administration, then you won’t need to do anything with the file. 2. Use another text editor to edit the file.

  35. Doquent. I did both of those things but a message whcih says ‘The content of this file is dangerous’ is always there.

  36. Doquent. Thanks for the help but its still not working. This is what im doing.
    I go into IE, enter my routers ip address (, enter my pw for admin, go to wirless, change the security to WPA-PSK, enter a preshare key and then i press apply and it does nothing.
    I also have your Edited wireless page on my desktop.

  37. Just wanted to say thanks.
    I downgraded my DI-624 rev.C firmware due to disconnects and there was no wpa2 anymore and couldn’t get wpa-psk to apply with IE8.
    That little html file did the trick in a jiffy!
    Thanks again 🙂

  38. I was unable to find precheck_key function on the wireless page.
    What worked for me was, setting up a WPA/WPA2-PSK along with a change in SSID.
    I did this on IEv8

  39. Many thanks to you. After many years of service I wanted to edit the routers settings and upgrade to new firmware. Got panicked when ability to use WPA-PSK was no longer an option. I used Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari to edit Passphrase but with no results. I used IE7 and it worked. Only reason IE7 was tried is that I found your article.

    Again, many thanks.

  40. Still ticking!


    I needed to take my old DI-524 out of retirement and, just like we all say: couldn’t get the “Apply” button to do anything for any of the security settings.

    My guess is that D-Link and Company actually DID “test” the page in question. But I’m gonna guess that what they used to validate the JavaScript was… Internet Explorer 6 or 7.

    Pretty lazy.

  41. Thank you very much~! I have an old DI-524, and after upgrading the firmware, I couldn’t add encryption, but now I can when I tried it in Internet Explorer… I would never have thought of that. My reaction, after furiously mashing the apply button, was to check the html… but I wasn’t able to fix it. Then I googled “DI-524 Encryption”, and I found myself here.


  42. Dang, thanks a bunch man. I upgraded my firmware and found my network was exposed. Tried to change the pass again but it wouldn’t work, I thought I installed bad firmware or something.

    Who knew I would have had to go back to the old IE just to do this.

  43. Many, many thanks for your lights !

    BTW, it doesn’t work with IE for Mac (5.2.3, the very last IE version for Mac) but I was able to modify the script with your method and it worked like a charm.

    Two thumbs up!!

  44. thank you so much. i couldnt do this with the mac, so i downloaded firefox and firebug and it was so easy.

  45. haha, I was wondering if I was the only one who had this problem, thought I wouldn’t be since it was a javascript error in the browser’s files… I simply used firebug and redefined the function check_key() to return true in the JS console:

    check_key = function(){ return true; }

    and it worked as expected. Faster than creating another HTML file and pointing it to the router’s address, too.

  46. i changed my wpa and now all the computers in the house work that can access it wirelessly but the computer hard wired to the router no longer can connect. anyone please help the next step for me is smashing it

    1. I am not sure if this setting is affecting your wired connection. Just to be sure, you can remove WPA and see if the wired connection works. If it doesn’t, there is some other problem which will need to be fixed for the wired connection to work. If it works, you might want to contact DLink support for this issue.

  47. This is not working for me, i cannot find the function you are changing, could you specify which page you are editing pls?
    also the download link i s empty
    happy to edit it myself, but when searching the document in firebug or notepad++ its not found

    1. Sandmage,

      Let me see what’s up with the download. Please make sure that your router model is exactly the one mentioned here. Also, you might want to share the whole html page rather than a portion of it.

  48. the script i get is the following on the wpaspk page
    function disable_channel(){
    if (get_by_id(“auto”).checked){
    get_by_id(“channel”).disabled = true;
    get_by_id(“channel”).disabled = false;
    function check_8021x(){
    var ip1 = get_by_id(“radius_ip1”).value;
    var ip2 = get_by_id(“radius_ip2”).value;
    var temp_ip1 = new addr_obj(ip1.split(“.”), RADIUS_SERVER1_IP_DESC, false, INVALID_RADIUS_SERVER1_IP, ZERO_RADIUS_SERVER1_IP, -1, false);
    var temp_ip2 = new addr_obj(ip2.split(“.”), RADIUS_SERVER2_IP_DESC, true, INVALID_RADIUS_SERVER2_IP, ZERO_RADIUS_SERVER2_IP, -1, false);
    var temp_radius1 = new raidus_obj(temp_ip1, get_by_id(“radius_port1”).value, get_by_id(“radius_pass1”).value, 1);
    var temp_radius2 = new raidus_obj(temp_ip2, get_by_id(“radius_port2”).value, get_by_id(“radius_pass2”).value, 2);
    if (!check_radius(temp_radius1)){
    return false;
    }else if (ip2 != “” && ip2 != “”){
    if (!check_radius(temp_radius2)){
    return false;
    return true;
    function check_wpa(){
    var psk_value = get_by_id(“wpapsk1”).value;
    var wep_type = get_by_name(“wep_type”);
    if (wep_type[3].checked){
    return check_8021x();
    }else if (wep_type[2].checked){
    if (psk_value.length 63){
    get_by_id(“wpapsk1”).value = psk_value.substring(0, 63);
    return true;
    function enable_wep(){
    var wep_type = get_by_name(“wep_type”);
    var auth_type = get_by_name(“auth_type”);
    var wep_def_key = get_by_name(“wep_def_key”);
    var is_disabled;
    if (wep_type[0].checked){
    is_disabled = true;
    is_disabled = false;
    if (!auth_type[0].checked && !auth_type[1].checked){
    auth_type[0].checked = true;
    auth_type[0].disabled = is_disabled;
    auth_type[1].disabled = is_disabled;
    get_by_id(“wep_key_type”).disabled = is_disabled;
    get_by_id(“wep_key_len”).disabled = is_disabled;
    for(var i = 0; i < 4; i++){
    wep_def_key[i].disabled = is_disabled;
    get_by_id("key" + (i+1)).disabled = is_disabled;
    function show_wpa(){
    var wep_type = get_by_name("wep_type");
    var show_wep, show_wpa, show_wpa_psk;
    if (wep_type[3].checked){
    show_wep = "none";
    show_wpa = "";
    show_wpa_psk = "none";
    }else if (wep_type[2].checked){
    show_wep = "none";
    show_wpa = "none";
    show_wpa_psk = "";
    show_wep = "";
    show_wpa = "none";
    show_wpa_psk = "none";
    get_by_id("show_wep").style.display = show_wep;
    get_by_id("show_wpa").style.display = show_wpa;
    get_by_id("show_wpa_psk").style.display = show_wpa_psk;
    function send_request(){
    if (check_ssid("ssid") && check_key() && check_wpa()){
    get_by_id("apply").value = "1";
    function set_channel(){
    var channel_list = "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11";
    var current_channel = 6;
    var ch = channel_list.split(",");
    var obj = get_by_id("channel");
    var count = 0;
    for (var i = 0; i < ch.length; i++){
    var oOption = document.createElement("OPTION");
    oOption.text = ch[i];
    oOption.value = ch[i];
    obj.options[count++] = oOption;
    if (parseInt(ch[i]) == current_channel){
    oOption.selected = true;

    1. Maybe the firmware version is different from mine. Try removing the following from send_request():

      check_ssid(“ssid”) && check_key() &&

      1. Trying to change it in firebug but not managing, have saved locally and edited, but then it gives me a file not found error on the pop up.

  49. easiest way i have found to did is, open firebug go to the console and enter function check_key() { return true; }; then try and click the apply button after you set up your WPA password and such

  50. Thank you!!! worked great. just hashed out the return check_key(); and changed h_wireless.cgi to load from router’s ip address. Awesome help, thanksss!

  51. ummm, so question.
    i tried fixing the script on the page myself like you said, it didn’t work. i changed the ‘return true’ part, but didn’t know where to put my IP address. so saved that file and when i open it in a browser, it’s set for the settings of WEP, not WPA-PSK. and since it’s a modified file, ic ant change it at that point to what i need.
    where do i input my ip address into fo make this work? line # would be nice. 🙂

    but, i also tried your file, since my IP address is the same an yours. (
    i right-click and download that file. save as ‘all files’ file type and name it: h_wireless.html
    then i open it in a browser or notepad and all it says is

    “The content of this file is dangerous”

    WHAT THE EFF DOES THAT MEAN!?!?!? how am i the only one with this problem..
    any help would be greatly appreciated, this router’s such a headache..

      1. ok well, found my own way around.
        I just downgraded to IE 9.
        start menu > control panel > uninstall a programs > view installed updates (left column) > ‘microsoft windows’ tab > right-click on Internet Explorer 10 (or 8, if that’s the version that’s not working for you) > uninstall
        restart computer.
        go to router settings in IE 9 (or 7) and the ‘apply’ button works fine! 🙂

        quite odd that it works in 9 and 7, but not 10 and 8. at least that’s what i gathered browsing forums on the topic. i expected i would have to keep downgrading to 7 or 6, but it worked in IE 9.

        i hope that helps!

        and thanks doquent for this comment thread! saved my life. 🙂

      2. Right after the line you quoted, the post shows exactly the changes I made. Open the file in an editor, make those changes, and save the file.

    1. The newer browsers try to be extra cautious. They would warn against opening almost any downloaded file. If you are uncomfortable due to the warning please try other approaches discussed by people in the comments. I hope that one of these approaches works for you.

  52. Is there any easier way to do this? I replaced one DI-524 with another DI-524 to try to resolve the issue. The newer one had different H/W Rev. / F/W, Updated the F/W. I am not a developer nor good at writing any code? I’ll just use the WEP option for now. Thanks anyway for helping.

  53. I tried to download your template (PDF) in multiple browsers (4+) and all have the same issue. the entire file contents end up being “The content of this file is dangerous” whether that’s in textedit, web browsers or HTML editors. It also takes Longer than it should to download given it’s like 4?kB ( be it reported as being larger 35?kb during download ) file. Might I recommend using a file compression program like 7zip or zip, you may have to password protect it.

    1. After you download the file, you must rename it – replace pdf with html in the name. The directions in the post explain it. As it’s a really small file, I didn’t feel the need to compress it. There are several alternative solutions present in the post and the comments – you may use what works the best for you. Good luck.

      1. I tried to use the download link and it gives an error
        is this link good from the top of the post ?

      2. Thanks Tom for reporting the problem. It does look like something has changed and the file download is being intercepted – all I get is a string about dangerous content in the downloaded file. I will try to fix it or remove the download link. As I don’t use this router anymore, I might not be able to create that file again.

      3. I’m no novice, as renaming is pretty obvious and had clearly written instructions.
        as the reply below (Tom Bayley) states about “dangerous file contents”, that is all I get when I open up the file in a text program or HTML program.
        I do have the router and I don’t use it terribly much so I just fire up a XP VM if the need would arise to change the settings. but when I stumbled onto this I thought it would be useful to have, as I use this router as a temporary or troubleshooting router.

    2. I guess I should say that Google can see if there’s an .EXE file in a .zip file if you e-mail it, and will prevent you from e-mailing. so the ability to look into compressed files is certainly beginning to be built in to stuff (web sites). and I guess that’s why a lot of people are using compressed zip files now.

  54. I have updated the post to indicate that the file is not downloadable anymore even though many readers have used it successfully in the past. You may follow the manual steps to create a local copy of the page that works. The post and the comments offer many alternatives, and I hope that one of these options will work for you.

  55. Thanks man, such a useful tip,I’ve been dealing with this issue for years, juggling with browsers and hoping the next one will do the job. Right now it’s not working with any browser, so your solution is the only alternative (well, in my case). For those of you guys struggling with the second step (2. My router’s IP is…), the first line to edit (<script language=……) is THE FIFTH ONE in the html file, and the second line to edit (<form method=post action……) is NO. 164. Again, can't thank you enough doQuent!

  56. You are my god for tonight ! I lost 2 hours of my life with this #@^~#{ button. After having lost 2 other hours with a problem with the reset…
    I just made the step 1 and opened it with google chrome and it worked fine 😉 Thank you so much!

  57. Running Lubuntu 14.04 and setting 2 DI-524’s up (one off the other,both running wireless but on different channels and different SSID’s) and I ran into this issue on the second (older, REV A, FW 1.21, upgraded to 1.23) DI-524 and was getting super-frustrated. Thanks to Google finding your solution, and me being able to follow your directions (I don’t know how to program in Java/JS), I was able to get this all finished and up and running! THANK YOU!

    Now, I need to learn Java/JS so I can better understand exactly what was going on in all that code……

  58. With newer versions of Firefox, do you still need Firebug? Does not Developer Console do what we need? Or do we still Firebug for the methodological shortcut?

  59. Hello, I am a noob when it comes to programming or scripts can someone please help me.
    I am facing the same problem, I have saved the HTML page but i don’t know where to add these lines. Any help will be much appreciated.

  60. I just figured it out, I have win10 now and this old router laying around which I wanted to use. I don’t know how to use the script provided in the OP so I tried different things I could to resolve it. My win10 had IE11 which did not do the trick so in the settings, I added my routers ip address i.e -> in compatibility view settings and it worked.

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